​1. To promote equality and diversity within the Department of Earth Sciences on grounds of gender, 种族, 残疾, 性, 宗教和年龄.
2. To promote and support work/life balance for all students, members of staff and their families within the department, 包括心理健康.
3. 改善澳彩社区的构成, 尤其是在种族多样性方面, and in inclusivity amongst all members of the department.
4. 在任何时候促进对所有成员的尊重, and an environment free of all kinds of bullying and harassment.
5. 领导Athena SWAN应用程序, and coordinate the implementation of the action plan on promoting gender equality
6. Consider workplace changes as they relate to and possible impact on equality, 多样性和包容性.
7. 监测和报告. 灵活的工作安排. 申请者和成功率的比例, 在适当的地方, 在本科生的平等标准下, 研究生, 博士后和员工机会3. To monitor career support and mentoring for staff in the department.
8. To inform the department and its committees generally of the work of the committee and any initiatives within this area. 

Learn more about our committee members and EEDI champions here:


Emma is EEDI lead in the department, the HR Manager and Athena SWAN coordinator. The department allow her to work flexibly to accommodate caring responsibilities. 这能让她更好地平衡工作和生活.

Tarje Nissen- Meyer: EEDI主席

Tarje自2018年以来一直担任EEDI/SATT主席, 他是学生领导的URGE/RieS计划的成员, MPLS EEDI指导委员会成员, 并协调fg会议. He leads a geophysics research group 哪一个 has maintained gender parity since 2015, 分别为UG, PG, ECR. He works flexible times and partially from home to accommodate his caring responsibilities for his two children.

Mike Kendall FRS: 部门主管 and Chair of 地球物理学

Mike is our new 部门主管 and he is looking forward to thinking more about how we can improve the department for all.

Laura Stevens: 教师 lead for the LGBTQ+ affinity group

Laura is an Associate Professor, member of the EEDI委员会, and mental-health first aider. They are the faculty lead for the LGBTQ+ affinity group, 哪一个, through initiatives majorly led by post研究生s and post docs, works to build community among LGBTQ+ members of the department. This gives them a sense of belonging in the department via mentorship of other LGBTQ+ scientists, 哪一个 they find to be a highly rewarding part of their job.

Sarah Hilton:外联和沟通

Sarah is new to the department and has a background in science engagement and increasing the science capital of children in the NE of England. She works full time within outreach, communications and alumni relations. She works flexibly to help support her work/life balance with two young children at home.


Emma is the Academic 管理istrator responsible for all aspects of student provision. Prior to the pandemic she worked from home one day a week to lessen the burden of travel as she lives some distance from the department, but also to help manage her workload as she is able to spend this time uninterrupted. 没有新闻部对灵活性的承诺, it may not have been practical for Emma to continue in this role for as long as she has.



Louisa is the Head of 管理istration and Finance in the Department, with responsibility for the running and delivery of operations and business support to academic staff, 研究人员和学生. The Department supports flexible working 哪一个 has assisted Louisa in achieving a better work/ life balance.